Hands pouring coffee into a cup at CoffeeCon

Step into a Caffeinated Wonderland at CoffeeCon!

Prepare yourself for a festival simply buzzing with excitement: CoffeeCon. Arriving in Warrenville on October 27th and 28th, CoffeeCon bills itself as the world’s first “100% consumer tasting and coffee learning event”.

Prepare to be surrounded by fellow coffee aficionados as you enjoy tastings from over forty exhibitors. Of course, each exhibitor will offer up multiple varieties of coffee. So, ready yourself for hundreds of choices.

(Public Service Announcement: pace yourself! As per Mayo Clinic, 4 cups of Joe should be your absolute max. Sip safely, our friends! ) 

CoffeeCon will present the warm creations of many local and regional brands, including the Chicago Bean Scene, Fire Department Coffee, Tugboat Coffee, and many more. Additionally, national brands such as Hario (heatproof glass) and Behmor (brewing and roasting systems) will offer representatives on the exhibit floor.

After a sipping tour of the exhibit floor, you’ll be ready for the classes and panels on offer at this unique conference.

In fact, check out some of these highlights and gear up for a day of excitement and learning!

Saturday, October 27th

  • Home Roasting: You’re ready to take the plunge and craft your own artisanal beans. Attend this class and you’ll be one step closer to home-based freedom,
  • DIY Kyoto Style Cold Brew: Your hipness quotient will increase at least tenfold once you can make one of these smooth beverages on demand.
  • Espresso Q & A:  You’ve been simmering with potent questions about this potent brew. Have an expert put your mind at ease.

Sunday, October 28th

  • Latte Art: You’re artistic, and you like coffee? You’ll be in heaven at this creative class.
  • Chocolate: This instructional session will add a dose of sugar to your caffeine. We’re not sure if there’s a separate chocolate conference which includes a coffee class, but either way, it seems as though these ingredients were destined to mix.
  • Water – Coffee’s Taste Secret: You thought the water was just for show? Think again.

Learn More About CoffeeCon

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