healthy eating near Woodridge

Top Spots for Healthy Eating Near Woodridge

Looking for the best eateries to complement your healthy lifestyle? Perhaps you want to find better choices as opposed to constant fast food or eating out. Whatever your reason, there are a plethora of spots for healthy eating near Woodridge that you’ll find enjoyable. In fact, check out these top picks for restaurants serving fresh, […]

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Miskatonic Brewing Company

Enjoy a Refreshing Brew at Miskatonic Brewing Company

Less than a 20-minute drive from the Woodridge area is the fun and slightly quirky¬†Miskatonic Brewing Company. The brewery is H.P. Lovecraft themed, and fans of the horror writer will greatly enjoy the decor and references hidden throughout the brewery. If you’re a fan, you’ll likely enjoy the friendly environment, excellent beer selection, and lively […]

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