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4 Unique Activities to Try Near Woodridge

Life is all about balance. You work a little, and you play a little. Just minutes from Retreat at Seven Bridges, you’ll find several places to have unique, engaging experiences. Whether you want to explore the air or water or try a new sport, you can have a new adventure. In fact, here are four thrilling activities to try near Woodridge!


When curling became an Olympic medal sport in 1998, most people had no idea what curling was. It actually made its first Olympic appearance at the original Olympics in 1924. It appeared a few other times as a demonstration sport until the Nagano games when teams competed for a medal.

Now, you can read more about curling here, but why read about it when you can actually learn to play? At the Windy City Curling Club, you can take lessons, join a league, or become a member and use the facilities to perfect your curling.

Who knows? You could become the next Olympic curler!

Indoor Golf

Of course, golfers love Top Golf, but you know who else loves it? People who don’t even play golf! At Top Golf, you don’t need your own equipment or nice weather, and won’t have to worry about losing your ball in a sand trap or water. You and your group will be assigned to a climate controlled bay where you can choose which type of “game” you want to play. A server will take your food and drink orders and deliver everything to you.

They also have a KidZone, so it’s perfect for all ages.

Learn to Fly

Most people think skydiving is terrifying, but you can still experience flying without falling out of the sky. At iFLY, you’ll have a certified flight instructor who will teach you body positioning and hand signals before they assist you in the flight chamber. You’ll have the sensation of floating in the air and having the freedom to move your body wherever you want in space. Maybe you’ll even build up the courage to go on a real skydive one day!


Underwater exploration can be amazing, but you’ll need some equipment and a SCUBA certification. No worries, you can do everything through Underseas Scuba Center. Courses are offered locally during nights and weekends. Open water dives are done at Haigh Quarry or Pearl Lake.

Underseas also organizes trips to Cozumel, Cuba, and Indonesia, so if you enjoy group travel, this would be a perfect way to finish that certification. If you’re already certified, they offer advanced courses as well.

Your luxury apartment home at Retreat at Seven Bridges provides quiet living with big city conveniences. There’s plenty of time for rest and relaxation, but when you want excitement and adventure, it’s right around the corner. Contact us for a tour of our fantastic community and amenities.

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