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The Best Asian Cuisine from Local Woodridge Favorites

Asia holds many cultures with characteristic cuisines based on the unique cooking techniques, ingredients, and seasoning preferences. Asian cuisine offers a large variety of tasty foods with different styles. Whether you’re craving sushi, Vietnamese, Chinese, or something in the middle, there’s something here for everyone. From our apartments in Woodridge, you can order the best Asian cuisine for delivery to your home. 

Sushi City

Specializing in Japanese cuisine, Sushi City has a large selection of delicious Japanese foods. Order from a delicious menu filled with authentic dishes such as Saku sushi, inari sushi, Ebi sushi, and sake sashimi. You could order for delivery online using Doordash or GrubHub.

Noodles Pho U

Noodles Pho U boasts tasty Vietnamese foods, such as Pho Xe Lua, Pho Tai, and Pho Bo Vien. They specialize in bringing fresh Vietnamese cuisine to their customers. Be sure to try their Pho beef soup options as well as their Chinese, Thai, and Korean dishes. You could order for delivery with Doordash.

Malahini Terrace

If it’s Chinese food you’re looking for, this local spot’s got you covered. Malahini Terrace offers flavorsome Chinese foods, such as Spicy Garlic Pork, Salt & Pepper Chicken, Orange-Flavored Beef, and many more. They’ve become a local favorite for their friendly service, fresh ingredients, and modern interpretation of classic dishes. You can order delivery using Grubhub and DoorDash.

From ordering the best Asian cuisine to taking advantage of the local library, our apartments in Woodridge offer comfort and convenience near the city’s best entertainment and attractions. When you’re ready to schedule an in-person tour, contact us at the Retreat at Seven Bridges.

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