A group of friends having fun at an event at Woodridge Public Library.

Entertain Yourself at Woodridge Public Library

Woodridge Public Library has been a part of the community since 1966. This establishment continues to bring literature, art, culture, and a sense of belonging to the people of Woodridge. If you live at Retreat at Seven Bridges, you’re located less than a ten-minute drive away! So, be sure to visit, so you can explore its extensive book […]

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A group of friends having brunch at The White Sheep.

Enjoy Brunch and Coffee at The White Sheep

If brunch is your favorite meal, you probably enjoy scouting out new locations to indulge your cravings. You’ll be happy to hear a new bakery and coffee shop recently opened for business. The White Sheep is located less than 35 minutes from Retreat at Seven Bridges. It serves a variety of breakfast and lunch items […]

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Friends enjoying a drink at Skeleton Key Brewery.

Enjoy Unique Beers at Skeleton Key Brewery in Woodridge, Illinois

Whether you’re a happy local living at Retreat at Seven Bridges, new in town, or still deciding where you’ll live, there’s always someone in Woodridge who knows your name — especially at Skeleton Key Brewery. Knowing the Brewery Skeleton Key Brewery isn’t solely for beer, although it’s a major reason for its existence. You’ll find […]

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