Friday night takeout from Woodridge restaurants.

3 Woodridge Restaurants Offering Takeout

If you’re tired of fast-food restaurants, the neighborhood around our Woodridge apartments offers plenty of dining options. Along with supporting local businesses, you’ll enjoy a delicious dish with the convenience of take-out services. Ed’s Kitchen The name may be standard, but the menu at Ed’s Kitchen is anything but that. It’s all about kebab here, […]

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Italian food at home from Woodridge pizzerias.

3 Woodridge Pizzerias Offering Takeout and Delivery

With its melted cheese and perfectly crispy crust, pizza may be the ultimate comfort food. If you’re looking for great Italian pies and food, check out these Woodridge pizzerias. Most importantly, you can enjoy your meal in the comfort of your apartment in Woodridge. Papa’s Pizza Place At Papa’s Pizza Place, the food speaks for itself. […]

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A woman using Netflix Party to connect with friends.

Try Netflix Party for All-Around, At-Home Fun

Socializing is part of the human experience — we naturally want to spend time with the people we love and care about. However, socializing in person isn’t always possible. Recently, a free Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party has been getting a lot of attention. It allows you to watch your favorite television shows or […]

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