Filet mignon at one of the best steakhouses around Woodridge. steakhouses in DuPage County

The 3 Best Steakhouses in DuPage County, Illinois

After a long day, there’s nothing better than a juicy steak and baked potato with all the fixings. If you’re craving a meal like this, check out these steakhouses in DuPage County. Overall, locals maintain they’re the best in town!

Jameson’s Charhouse 

Jameson’s Charhouse¬†serves the best steaks and chops in Chicagoland. The chefs start their day early and prepare everything from scratch. Each dish promises superior flavor, and only the finest, freshest ingredients are used.

The restaurant hosts many celebratory events, and its upscale setting features romantic lighting, colorful flowers, and dark wood accents. Be sure to try the house filet mignon, New York strip, and Black Angus Porterhouse. All pair well with a glass of Leonard Kreusch Riesling. 

Also, don’t miss the signature burgers, kabobs, and seafood entrees. Fresh fish is available daily. Choose from Alaskan halibut, Lake Superior whitefish, Alaskan salmon, white fin tuna, Carolina swordfish, or catfish.

Walker’s Charhouse 

At¬†Walker’s Charhouse, the 100 percent Black Angus steaks are wet-aged and hand-carved in-house. The chefs grill the steaks to perfection, striking a balance between doneness and Walker’s signature charred flavors.

Not surprisingly, the restaurant has been a neighborhood sensation since 1994. New owner Bryan Werschulz insists on hand-selected cuts of aged Black Angus beef steaks. His commitment to excellence can be seen in the revamped menu, unquestionably a blend of classics and new favorites. Don’t miss Walker’s signature filet mignon, BBQ ribs, and black Angus burgers.


Ditka’s goal is to exceed your expectations every time you visit. It boasts a four-star rating on Yelp for its large portions, upscale vibe, and impeccable service. This restaurant presently serves breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Be sure to check out the lunch and dinner offerings. You certainly won’t be disappointed! In particular, we recommend the Linz Heritage Angus steaks and chops. Try the Kansas City strip, Berkshire pork chop, fullback filet mignon, or New York strip. If steak isn’t your style, choose from the fish and seafood options. Poultry fans will undoubtedly appreciate Ditka’s classic roasted or fried chicken.

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All in all, these steakhouses in DuPage County offer plenty of succulent meals for everyone.

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