A girl watching a live stream through her smart tablet.

Use Discord’s Go Live to Connect With Friends

Discord is a free platform where you can chat with others without leaving our apartments in Woodridge. It’s primarily used to talk to friends while playing video games, but you can also join to share information and converse with people of similar interests. Discord’s Go Live platform is an excellent way to stay connected with friends.

About Go Live

Choose a voice or video call with friends, or use the screen share option to view each other’s computer screens. Last year, Discord introduced Go Live to allow users to stream games to other people. Not only can you watch someone play their favorite game, but you can also watch movies together. Recently, Discord increased the number of people allowed per stream from 10 to 50.  

How It Works

Go Live is simple enough to use; click the tab located in the bottom left corner of the screen above the status bar. For a stream to be active, your game has to be recognized. If the game doesn’t appear on the screen, do it manually by going to User Settings > Game Activity and then adding the game.

A “Live” badge will appear next to your username to indicate that you’re streaming. To join another person’s stream, click on the voice channel, and you’ll have the option to connect. You can only stream your game by using the Windows desktop app, but spectating can be done from both the desktop client and Chrome. 

Staying connected in today’s world is now easier than ever, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for a great community to live in, The Retreat at Seven Bridges is the place for you. For more information, contact us to schedule a virtual tour of our grounds.

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